Lecture Dancing with the enemy

Paul Glaser chanced upon the trail of a family secret and the hidden life of his aunt Rosie by accident. Intrigued, he set out on a quest to discover more. It took several years to assemble the pieces, but gradually a fascinating story emerged.

Rosie was an emancipated woman who defied convention with flair. She achieved success as a dance teacher, and danced in Amsterdam, London, Paris, Berlin and Brussels. Then the Nazis seized power in Holland. For Rosie, 25 years old and Jewish, this marked the beginning of a very dangerous adventure. The danger became even more acute when her husband joined the Nazis. Now she had to face painful dilemmas and make her own choices.

Betrayed by her own husband, the SS took her prisoner and launched her into the maelstrom of the concentration camps. While the challenges were extreme to say the least, she never abandoned her ambition to maintain control over her own fate. In Auschwitz she taught dance and etiquette to SS officers.
Rosie lived by her heart and fought with her brains. Her life is one of persistent determination, love and betrayal, but her enemies were unable to destroy her. After the war she surfaced unbroken and resumed her life with the usual verve.
At a time when the Second World War has receded into history, recalled only in films, books and memorials, this is another, very personal story. It is a contemporary account of the unmasking of a family secret and a timeless story of character and survival, of optimism and starting anew.

In his presentation Paul Glaser uses a wide range of original photos and film clips of Rosie taken before and during the Second World War, giving life to the moving and sometimes shocking story of his aunt. The story raises questions about right and wrong, and how a clear line is hard to define in time of war.

Sunday februari 4 2018
3.00 PM - 4.30 PM

To attend you only need a valid admission ticket for the museum. 

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