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Temporary exhibition

Resistance through their eyes

On view through 25 February 2024

Resistance through their eyes

Nearly 80 years after the end of World War II, Resistance through Their Eyes brings international resistance stories to Amsterdam. Personal narratives provide insights into the resistance against National Socialism during the Second World War in four European countries: the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, and Germany

 Resistance in Europe
The possibilities for resistance varied by country, depending on the circumstances. How do you resist an oppressor? What does resistance mean when the local government collaborates with the occupiers? Or when your own government is the oppressor?

Resistance took various forms: some opted for armed resistance, guerrilla warfare, and sabotage. Others chose nonviolent means, such as aiding people in hiding, working for the underground press, or forging documents. The exhibition showcases the courage of young people, women, Jews, individuals from the colonies, and many others.

LRE Foundation
The exhibition is aimed at young people and is part of the Through their eyes series of exhibitions. The LRE Foundation is responsible for project coordination. The Resistance Museum collaborates with the Home Army Museum in Poland, the White Rose Foundation in Germany, and the Ferruccio Parri National Institute in Italy for Resistance through their eyes. The project is financed by the European Union.

Youth Events
The exhibition focuses on stories of young people who have experienced the war and its aftermath. The importance of protecting human rights and combating all forms of discrimination takes center stage at the youth events organized during the exhibition.

Child Protection Policy