Dancing with the Enemy

November 22th 2017 - March 4th 2018

Dancing with the Enemy tells the gripping life story of Rosie Glaser (1914-2000). Her life is characterized by her great passion for dancing. Rosie is an emancipated woman: beautiful, sporty, unconventional, intelligent and ambitious. When the Nazis seized power, Rosie, a non-practicing Jewish woman, tries to live on, managing her famous dance school. Eventually she is betrayed and sent to a series of concentration camps such as Vught, Westerbork and Auschwitz. She survives, though, by dancing. She even gives dance lessons to camp guards.

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In this exhibition, the visitor experiences the impressive story of Rosie through many photographs and films she made before and after the war.
Dancing with the enemy is based on the book written by Paul Glaser, Rosie’s cousin.