food in wartime

October 15, 2016 until May 28, 2017.

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Five top chefs took up our challenge of creating a meal using ingredients that were available during the German occupation. In the Food in wartime exhibition, you will discover how these chefs tackled this, how healthy or unhealthy diets were during the war and how there are some surprising similarities with the present.
Everyone knows that eating properly and healthy is all the rage.
But it is less well known that this was also a trend during the occupation, out of necessity. Imports stopped in 1940 so the Netherlands had to become self-sufficient. As a result, the Dutch ate less fat and meat and more vegetables, cereals and pulses. The Dutch diet actually became healthier than it was before 1940, at least until the Hunger Winter in the towns and cities in the west.  
Michelin star chef Bobby Rust, TV chef Pierre Wind, wild food specialist Edwin Florès, 24Kitchen chef Angélique Schmeinck and Julius Jaspers from Topchef each present a dish from a specific period during the occupation. They use meat or meat substitutes, food from Amsterdam’s parks, tins from food drops or flower bulbs.
With personal anecdotes about eating, recipes, food, scarcity, rationing and substitutes, Food in Wartime offers a wealth of historical information as well as inspiration for keen modern-day cooks!