For safekeeping

• April 28 2004 - August 31 2004

This modest temporary exhibition tells the story behind ordinary objects: a children's crockery set, a mirror with a photograph, a photo album, a small atlas of the world. Precious objects belonging to Jewish Dutch people who gave them for safekeeping to relatives, friends or neighbours to prevent the objects from being confiscated by the occupier. To collect them after returning home…

The central object and story in the exhibition is that of Ruth Michaëlis' magic lantern slides which were returned to her sixty years later, in May 2003 by the woman who was given the slides for safekeeping, being nine years old at the time.

Each year at the Dutch Resistance Museum Karel Baracs/the Storyteller tells the story of saved Jewish children in a performance about how Jewish children were saved from the kindergarten across the Dutch Theatre Hall in 1943 from which the deportations were organised. Ruth Michaëlis is one of those saved children. Kurt, Ruth's brother and seven years older than she, gave the slides for safekeeping to a girl friend in 1943. He did not come back and she kept the slides for sixty years. Last year the name of Ruth became know to the press. The girl friend contacted the Resistance Museum and she could finally return the slides. Ruth Michaëlis lives in the United States by the name of Marijke Brown. She is often present at the annual performances of Karel Baracs in the museum.

For Safekeeping was produced by Remembrance Centre Camp Westerbork.