Protest! Campaign posters from 1965

October 16, 2008 - March 29, 2009
“A woman’s right to choose”,  “Say no to nuclear weapons”, “No home, no throne”. In the exhibition Protest! Campaign posters from 1965, the resistance museum paints a picture of these and other prominent societal issues over the past 40 years. Who was protesting and how? And what were the protests about?

See the posters and read the stories. Feel the atmosphere of those days and get an idea of the Dutch as idealists. And don’t forget to make your own poster and hang it on the wall!

The exhibition was created by young people aged between 16 and 20 who studied numerous campaigns of recent history and were surprised by the fierceness and, at times, inventiveness of these campaigns. The themes highlighted in the exhibition are War and Peace, Emancipation, Antiracism and Antifascism, Squatting and Housing, Environment and Animals and International Solidarity.