Risk of explosion!

an attack on the Registry Office

MARCH 28th - NOVEMBER 11th 2018

Het bevolkingsregister na de aanslag.

The resistance staged a spectacular operation in Amsterdam in 1943: an attack on the Registry Office. Experience this operation 75 years later at the Dutch Resistance Museum as part of the interactive exhibition Risk of explosion!

On Saturday 27 March 1943, a group of artists and students dressed as police officers and detectives enters the Amsterdam Registry Office. They overpower and sedate the real police officers, tie them up and move them to the Artis garden. Back inside, they remove the identity cards from the archive cabinets and place the explosives. The resistance fighters rush out of the building nearly two hours later, leaving a sign on the door: RISK OF EXPLOSION! A while later, they hear a number of loud bangs. A fiery blaze colours the sky red. The attack was a success.

Meet the artist behind the attack
Visitors to the exhibition can discover the reasons behind the attack, how it was carried out, and the devastating consequences. You will meet the people who planned the attack: Gerrit van der Veen, Willem Arondéus, Frieda Belinfante, Willem Sandberg, Johan Brouwer, and Koen Limperg. A 3D audio tour will take you from room to room through a giant comic.

Was it all worth it?
The narrator takes you into the world of the artists who planned the attack. Forge identity cards like they did, discuss the use of violence and discover how it feels to be locked up in a death cell. Was it all worth it? Judge for yourself.