Plane-glass spectacles

Red-haired student Hannie Schaft joins a communist resistance group in Haarlem in 1943. The group`s mission is to liquidate traitors. It`s a job that has tob e done, reason Hannie and Truus Oversteegen, her comrade-in-arms. “We hat no prisons”, recalls Truus. “There was no other solution.”  Back to highlights

The photo shows Truus and Hannie in disguise, with Truus dressed up as a man so they could pose as a couple in love. “You stand there, pretending to be necking, with the pistol ready to fire. One of those men com
es out the door and you go after him, very nervously. Then you say something encouraging to each other like “there he goes, the bastard”, to buck each other up at that difficult moment of decision.” 
The German police start looking for a “red-haired girl”, so Hannes dyes her hair black and wore plane-glass spectacles. It doesn`t work. In 1945 - shortly before the liberation – she is arrested and taken to the dunes to be executed.