Hiking boots

Hiking boots, used by the young Jewish woman Eleonore Hertzberger during a journey across the Pyrenees. Mrs Hertzberger and her husband Eddie escaped to England in 1943. A passeur took them across the border. It was raining and they got soaked to the skin. They crawled on hands and knees for the last part of the journey. Back to highlights

After May 1940, the borders were closed. Even so, more than 9,000 people managed to escape the occupied Netherlands.

'England voyagers'
Most of them hoped to get to England to join in the fight against Germany. Initially, these 'England voyagers' tried to cross the North Sea in small boats.

Border crossings
This was made almost impossible by the construction of the Atlantik-Wall along the coast. Now the journey followed secret border crossings through occupied Belgium and France to Switzerland or Spain. From these neutral countries the voyagers sometimes succeeded in reaching England.