Hollow chessboard to hide false documents

A hollow chessboard used by the Westerweel group to hide false documents. This mainly Jewish resistance group, set up by teacher Joop Westerweel, helped more than 150 Jews flee the Netherlands. Via an escape route, the Jews were subsequently helped on their way to Palestine. Back to highlights

hollow chessboardSeparated
Gradually the Dutch Jews were separated from the rest of the population. Public facilities were closed to Jews. Separate Jewish schools were opened. At the end of April 1942, all Jews were required to wear a Star of David.

That summer the deportations began. Jews were required to report for 'employment in Germany'. Many ignored the call-ups despite the severe threats. They were driven from their homes during round-ups.

In hiding
Almost 25,000 found a hiding place, but one-third of these were nevertheless rounded up and killed.