The key factors in the foundation of the museum were the people from the former resistance movement. They set up the foundation and initially formed the heart of the executive and the museum’s supporters.

These days, the museum receives a modest annual sum in subsidy from the Amsterdam city council. However, the museum continues to rely on donations to create exhibitions and for its educational activities. Many funds, companies and private individuals support the Resistance Museum.

Becoming a donor
The Verzetsmuseum needs your support, too. We currently have the support of more than 1,400 private donors, who help us realise the museum’s objectives:
- preserving authentic materials relating to the occupation and resistance movement in the Netherlands during World War II;
- keeping alive the memory of the events during World War II in the Netherlands among younger generations, by organising exhibitions and educational activities;
- pointing out the danger of violations of democratic values in the past and the present.

Private individuals from abroad can also become donors of the Verzetsmuseum. As a donor, you support the museum with an annual sum of 100 EUR or more. In most countries, the donated sums are tax-exempt.

Our donors abroad receive regular updates by e-mail about the museum’s main activities.

How can you become a donor?

Step 1. Contact the museum by e-mail via
Please state:
- your name
- postal address
- e-mail
- the sum you wish to donate annually
If you do not have access to e-mail, you can also become a donor sending a letter to:
Verzetsmuseum Amsterdam
Attn. Mrs. M. Marreveld
Plantage Kerklaan 61
1018 CX Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Step 2. You transfer your donation (of 100 EUR or more) for the current calendar year to
our account number

IBAN   NL91 RABO 0111 5509 39

BIC            RABONL2U

Bankname  RABOBANK

Place          UTRECHT

In the name of
Stichting Verzetsmuseum Amsterdam
Plantage Kerklaan 61
1018 CX Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Your bank can provide further information about how to transfer an amount in euros if you live in a country with a different currency.
We will obviously confirm receipt of your application and donation, and will welcome you very much as a donor!

Certificate in someone else’s name
You can also make a one-off donation to honour someone who feels a bond with the objectives of the Verzetsmuseum. For a donation of 1,000 EUR, you will receive a certificate stating your name and the name of the person to whom you dedicate the donation.

Your name in the museum
If you donate 10,000 EUR or more, your name can be displayed in the museum. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

More information
If you want more information about how you can support the museum financially, please contact Mrs M. Marreveld, head of Public Relations, via .