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The museum shop sells various English-language publications, including:

The museumcatalogus / Catalogue
Het Verzetsmuseum Amsterdam / The Dutch Resistance Museum / Verzetsmuseum Amsterdam, 2007, full-colour, 192 pages, Ned/Eng, € 15,00

Overview of the museum’s permanent exhibition, including many personal stories. The book begins with a chapter on the background of the collection, the Plancius building and the Plantage neighbourhood. A separate section in this catalogue tells the story which is on show in the Dutch East Indies department: in the former colony The Dutch East Indies the population suffered badly under the Japanese regime of terror. The final chapter describes the history of the Dutch Resistance Museum.

Eva Schloss
Eva’s Story. A Survivor’s Tale by the Step Sister of Anne Frank

Castle-Kent, 1988. Paperback, 224 pages. €15,00

Eva was 15 years old when she was sent to Auschwitz - the same age as her friend Anne Frank. Together with her mother she endured the daily degradation that robbed the world of so many precious people - including her father and brother.
Eva and Mutti were asleep in the hospital block, weak, emaciated and close to death when the Nazis evacuated the camp in January 1945.  Somehow they survived and eventually found their way to freedom.  Their journey required immense courage, hope, compassion, determination, patience, endurance, kindness and luck! 

Eva’s Story is a compelling tale of a mother and daughter whose lives were saved by miracles and chance two women whose desire for justice, tolerance and peace became a mission to make the world a better place. 

Eric Heuvel
A family secret

Anne Frank Stichting/Verzetsmuseum Friesland 2011, comic book, 60 pages, € 7,50

While searching his grandmother’s attic for likely items to sell at a yard sale, Jeroen finds a photo album that brings back hard memories for his grandmother, Helena. Helena tells Jeroen for the first time about her experiences during the German occupation of the Netherlands during the Second World War, and mourns the loss of her Jewish best friend, Esther. Helena believes that her own father, a policeman and Nazi sympathizer, delivered Esther to the Nazis and that she died in a concentration camp. But after hearing her story, Jeroen makes a discovery and Helena realizes that her father kept an important secret from her.

Eric Heuvel, Ruud van der Rol en Lies Schippers
The search
Anne Frank Stichting, 2011, comic book, 61 pages, € 7,50

Esther remembers her own experience of the Holocaust as a Jewish girl living in Amsterdam, and recounts to her grandson Daniel and his friend Jeroen how she escaped from the Nazis and survived by going into hiding in the countryside. Her parents were not so lucky. Esther knows they were sent to a concentration camp and died there, and with Daniel’s help she embarks on a search to discover what happened to them during the last months of their lives. After tracking down an old friend who now lives in Israel, Esther finally learns the shocking story of how her parents met their fates at Auschwitz.


Henk Pelser
Henk’s War. A Memoir of the Dutch Underground 

Bert Bakker, 1996. Hardcover, 169 pages. €18,00

Henk Pelser was a young medical student when the Germans occupied the Netherlands in May 1940. In his book he tells about his activities within the “Parool “groep (a well-known Dutch resistance group).  He began by smuggling copies of an underground newspaper (Parool) and ended by smuggling Jews and others sought by the Nazis. Pelser himself was captured and was interrogated by the Sicherheidsdienst, served time in prison in the Netherlands and was sent to a prisoner of war camp in Germany (Muhlberg) where he was freed by the Russians in April 1945.

A walk from the Anne Frank House to the Dutch Resistance Museum
Pocket booklet, published by the Dutch Resistance Museum, with a walk from the Anne Frank House to the Dutch Resistance Museum, that makes you discover what happened in Amsterdam during the war years and what marks the war left in the streets of Amsterdam?

The full colour pocket booklet of 18 pages with a fold out map is very informative and richly illustrated. The English and Dutch edition (each 0.50 €) are available at the Anne Frank House, the Jewish Historical Museum and the Dutch Resistance Museum. The route can be followed in both directions or by tram. read more.

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Anne Frank
The Diary of a Young Girl

Author: Anne Frank / Puffin Modern Classics / Number of Pages: 432 / ISBN: 0141315199 / WAPI (Tower ID): 107583914 / Release Date: January 31, 2003. € 9,95

Publication Date: First Published in 1947
In July 1942, thirteen-year-old Anne Frank and her family, fleeing the horrors of Nazi occupation, went into hiding in an Amsterdam warehouse. Over the next two years Anne vividly describes not only the daily frustrations of living in such close quarters, but also her thoughts, feelings and longings as she grows up. Her diary ends abruptly and tragically when, in August 1944, Anne and her family were all finally betrayed.