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Free podwalk Plantage Area Amsterdam

Free podwalk Plantage Area Amsterdam

Podwalk Plantage Area Amsterdam 1940-1945

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Jews have lived in the neighborhood around Amsterdam’s city hall since around 1600. The neighbourhood, which was always home to many different people, was nevertheless called “The Jewish Quarter.” The adjacent Plantage area was still largely undeveloped until around 1870 when it was transformed into country estates and a few restaurants. The economic boom of the 19th century turned the Plantage area into a residential district for the better off. Many residents of the Jewish Quarter, who benefitted from this boom, also moved there.

During the war, the district’s Jewish residents were deported from Amsterdam and in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, the former Jewish Quarter was largely demolished. Nowhere else in the city are there as many memorials and monuments commemorating Jewish Amsterdam, the persecution of the Jews, and the resistance than in the Plantage neighbourhood and former Jewish Quarter. This walk will take you through the most noteworthy of these places. The podwalk starts and ends at the Resistance Museum, which has been located in the Plancius building since 1999.

The podwalk consists of 23 episodes. Each episode contains an audio clip about the location where you are at that moment. In the notes accompanying the episode you will find directions to the next location. You can listen to the corresponding episode at the following location.

The podwalk can be listened to here and downloaded for free in your own podcast app. A map of the walk can be found here.

Dutch and German versions of the podwalk are also available